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reserva privada headbandReserva Privada Headband has a great yield, and the high is completely medical and not too over-powering. Finding a keeper mother is easy in a pack of 6 and this plant clones easily as well, rooting in 8-10 days. She grows fast in vegetative stage and spreads out wide to produce many tops and an even canopy. Producing heavy resin early and a great aroma, our Headband has bag and head appeal.  She doesn’t grow as tall as Sour Diesel» or as stretchy as the OG Kush and is not so picky with the nutrients. She has a fuely-soury taste and smell with a long lasting high. She is a good all day smoke that won’t knock you down like some of the heavy indicas and is a good strain for anxiety.  This original cross is not the 707 or any other clone only “Headband,” this cross was made by reversing the OG Kush to pollinate the Sour Diesel.

Type: Mostly indica
Genetics: Sour Diesel» x OG Kush (reversed)»
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Outdoor Harvest:
Height: Medium
THC Level:
Characteristics: High is completely medical and not too over-powering

is Original Diesel x DNL(RFK Skunk x Hawaiian) x Northern LightsPowered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.4
is Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush, Pakistan)Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.4

chocolate chunk th seedsChocolate Chunk  is real candy! With a definitive Kush bottom this pure Indica will melt in your mouth and stick to your hands. Thick, deep- green leaves and fat dense buds will make every trip to the grow room feel like you are, “a kid in a candy store”.  Chocolate Chunk™ is quite easy to grow due to it’s cannabis seeds quick flowering time and “single cola” growth pattern. Works great with the Sea of Green Method.  Chocolate Chunk cannabis seeds flower between 55-60 days.

Type: Indica, Mostly indica
Genetics: Afghani x S.A.G.E.»
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
Stretch after initiation of flowering: 133%
Outdoor Harvest: October
Yield: 350-400 per m2
Height: Medium, Tall (100-125cm)
THC Level: High
Characteristics: This is real candy

Big Sur Holy x Afghani indicaPowered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.4

flying dutchman edelwiessEdelweiss (literally ‘noble white’) was named after the famous white flower which grows in the high Alps. However, although the bulky Indica buds and the delicate white blooms of the mountain flower may not look similar at first glance, they share qualities such as the star shaped leaflets around the flower-tops and the thick white coating on those leaves. Naturally, in the case of the cannabis strain, this coating is sticky resin that also frosts the buds. For a brief period, Edelweiss ganja could be found growing in all across Switzerland, in much greater abundance than its namesake. Those tolerant days are sadly over, but Edelweiss ganja lives on as an indoor, feminized strain. Flying Dutchmen Edelweiss is made from a blend of Hindu Kush, North Indian and Skunk. This is a mostly-Indica hybrid with just enough Sativa background to perk up the powerful stone. It takes Edelweiss between 50-60 days to flower.

Type: Indica / Sativa
Genetics: Hindu Kush, North Indian and Skunk
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
Outdoor Harvest: Unknown
Yield: 140 g
Height: Medium, Tall (100 – 140 cm)
Stretch after initiation of flowering: 80%
THC Level: Medium
Characteristics: Powerful stone
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Merlins dream de sjamaanMerlins Dream is a sativa dominant cross between Afghani/Hindu Kush and Master Widow developed by De Sjamaan for everyone who longs for a clear headed and positive uplifting high. Strong sativa influence gives Merlin’s Dream cannabis seeds longer growing time, with 50–60 days of flowering when grown indoors. During such a relatively long period, they develop numerous flower formations and are filled with aromatic and sticky juices which release true potential when the plants are fully matured. Outdoor plants are ready for  harvest in October if planted in May/June. Mature plants have a tall graceful structure with a well developed branching system. Their size really depends on growing conditions – indoor varieties are very compact, of just 75 cm, and can perfectly fit even in the smallest cannabis gardens. When grown outdoors, Merlins Dream can stretch up to 2 meters and may require some tying to support her high yields which can be as high as 550 gram per plant. An indoor yield can be as high as 500 gr per m2. Indoor plants respond well to any growing methods and are happy in soil or hydroponics setups.

Merlins Dream grow almost like a Bonsai cannabis bush with fat fragrant buds producing sweet Asian aromas. She is very pleasant to smoke, doesn’t scratch your throat and brings cerebral, soaring type of high, very energetic, creative and active due to the high THC content (20+%).

Type: Mostly Indica
Genetics: Afghani / Hindu Kush X Master Widow
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
Outdoor Harvest: May / June to October
Indoor yield: up to 550 grams per m².
Height: Medium (75 – 200 cm)
THC Level: 20%+
Characteristics: Lifting positive high

violator kushViolator Kush is a heavy producing indica dominant plant that grows short and bushy with big dark green leaves. The buds are heavy and generally have to be supported because of their weight. The finished plants show an extraordinary density of trichomes. Violator Kush has a musty, smell and taste. The effect is a comfortable couch-lock.

Type: Indica
Genetics: Malana» x Hindu Kush
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor Harvest: End of September
Height: Medium
THC Level: 22%
CBD Content: 1.5%
Characteristics: comforting couch hug

famous North Indian charas producing Sativa that grows on the high sun-drenched ridges around the village of Malana, between the valleys of Kullu and Parvati, at heights of between 2500 – 3000mPowered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.4

afghan kush x black dominaAfghan Kush X Black Domina is the newest strain in the collection. This is one of our finest crosses of Indica genetics: our Afghan Kush, known for its great therapeutic value and the density of its buds covered with beautiful resin glands, crossed with Black Domina, a quick flowering hybrid ( and one of the best afghan varieties that has been worked with) as a result we have a quick and easy strain that satisfies effective growers and connoiseurs as well as for beginners and has enough power to be a therapeutic plant specially indicated against insomnia. Pure Afghan taste. Afghan Kush X Black Domina cannabis seeds can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It takes cannnabis seeds 50-55 days to flower and they can be harvested outdoors at the end of September / early october. It’s cannabis seeds are also resistant to mildew. Afghan Kush X Black Domina aroma is high and highly medicinal. Yield Notes350/450 gr/m2 indoors.

Type: Indica, Mostly indica
Flowering: 50-55 days
Genetics: Afghan Kush x Black Domina
Outdoor Harvest: Early October
Height: Medium
THC: High
Characteristics: Medical and resistant to mould

Grapefruit Kush next generation seedsNext Generation Grapefruit Kush is crossed with the Grapefruit F4 male which is the most classic of old school Afghani Kush strains. Grapefruit Kush cannabis seeds produce very large rounded buds with a very creamy hash taste. Grapefruit Kush is a great Indica hybrid for big production.  It’s cannabis seeds flower indoors between 50-55 days and it can be harvested outdoors early October.

Type: Mostly Indica
Genetics: Dynamite» x BC Kush»
Flowering Time: 7-8-weeks
Outdoor Harvest: Early October
Height: Medium
Characteristics: Grapefruit Kush cannabis seeds produce very large rounded buds with a very creamy hash taste

is Grapefruit x (Grapefruit x Unknown Strain) F4Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.4

kushberryThis is the perfect blend of two West Coast flavors. The Blueberry male from Oregon was used for his taste and vigor in combination with the acrid, lemon taste of the OG Kush from LA. The Kushberry is a shorter, stalkier plant which produces a decent yield. The exotic flavor doesn’t rival its strength; she is one of DNA’s strongest strains. This is a good strain for medical use as she relieves pain and helps with sleep and eating disorders.

Genetics: OG Kush Heirloom x Oregon Blueberry
Variety: Mostly Indica
THC: k.A.
Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Indoors: 8-9 Weeks
Harvest Month: October
Yield: 400-500 gms/m²
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narkushThis strain is a pure indica f1 hybrid cross of two vigorous strains from the Hindu Kush Mountains; one of the places cannabis was thought to have originated from. It grows very well both indoors and outdoors although, keep a good eye outdoors as it can be susceptible to mould. It can be grown well in a see of green set up. Narkush has large dark leaves that show off its pure indica genetics perfectly. It is a good resin producer with resin glands appearing not just on the buds but down some of the bigger leaves too. This is another great strain for hashish production, especially if it has been grown under optimum conditions inside. We named this plant Narkush due to its heavy narcotic effect that makes anyone smoking it feel heavily body stoned. This is a great strain for anyone with sleeping problems.

Genetics: Hindu Kush hybrid
Variety: Pure Indica
THC: 21%
Grows: Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Indoors: 8 Weeks
Harvest Month: October

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gods kushIt’s hard to go wrong with God Bud – a stinky, sticky and sweet purple skunk that drips with resin combined with the dank savoury goodness of OG Kush – this killer cross is sure to please.

OG Kush has been a popular variety on the West Coast for years, these two legendary strains are an amazing combination for any Kush lover.

3-4 ft. 8-9 weeks